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ClooN and ClooN Editor released, whats next?

First post, first release :D

My open source project ClooN is now released in a stable state. While the version 1.0 was horribly bugged (interface driven design and operator overloading  dosen't work so well xD ) this version was heavily tested during the development process of ClooN Editor and never let me down. The editor, by the way is a cool new tool to play around with the noise algorithms and can create really cool looking outputs, like you can see on the right. And it's nice to see that the performance of ClooN is freakin good: 6 octaves of FractalBrownianMotion with 2.8 mega pixels in 59 milliseconds! (GTX560Ti). While the 99,99% of that time is copying memory, the GPU is idling at 0.3%. When scale down to 0.2 MP even 4000(!) octaves just need 264 ms.

What's next?

Even if the performance is outstanding it's using Perlin Noise as noise function. Perlin does not perform well on 3D and higher dimensions additionally it looks blocky and has artifacts. First I wanted to implement Simplex Noise, but then I read about the patent problem. As a European (we don't have software patents [what is awesome :D]) I could just ignore it, but then I would lock out all people from the US. After some research I found this guy  who made a free implementation called OpenSimplex Noise avoiding the patented parts. It's not as quite as fast as Simplex, but beats Perlin Noise in every way.

So the next step will be to kick out Perlin and implement OpenSimplex. Additionally some bugfixes for the editor (zoom -.-). On the long run there will be a Unity type compatible version.